Video: Tesla Model 3 crushed by concrete blocks; driver and passenger virtually unharmed | CarAdvice

Despite a large pile of concrete blocks falling on his car, this Tesla Model 3 owner has walked away all but unharmed.

A British Tesla Model 3 owner has walked away with only minor injuries after a big pile of concrete blocks fell on his car in a shocking incident captured on the Tesla’s dash-cam.

Neil Collins and his wife were rounding a corner in Weston Longville, in the UK, when a truck carrying a load of concrete bricks rounded the same bend in the opposite direction.

The shocking dashcam footage shows the truck leaning heavily as it rounds the bend, disgorging a pallet of concrete blocks right into the windscreen of the Model 3[1].

The impact destroyed the Tesla[2] but luckily Collins and his wife walked away with minor injuries, the Tesla Model 3’s safety systems working as intended.

“I could see the lorry appeared to have gone too quickly around the corner because it was really leaning over, so I thought oh blimey that doesn’t look very good,” Mr Collins told the Norwich Evening News[3]. “Then we came alongside and I could see the blocks sliding off.

“But before I could react within a split second it had gone bang and glass was everywhere and there was smoke. Next thing I knew the emergency services were being called.

“It was absolutely shocking but luckily my wife and I walked away with minor cuts and bruises. When you get out and look at the car you think it’s amazing it wasn’t much worse.”

Collins credits his Tesla Model 3 for saving their lives.

“The windscreen collapsed but it pretty much held. It was quite amazing that we walked away,” he said.


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