Stadium Super Truck Driver Fights With Rival, Throws Steering Wheel At Him

A fight broke out at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course during a Stadium Super Trucks race in support of IndyCar last weekend. The fight culminated in one driver, Bo LeMastus, throwing his steering wheel at another driver, Bill Hynes. The fight started after the race ended, as Hynes looped LeMastus’ truck.

Speaking to The Checkered Flag, Hynes said he did so because he felt that the other driver had been racing unfairly and even dangerously, particularly against Max Gordon, another racer in the series. He felt that LeMastus had cheated by skipping jumps, cutting the grass, and almost pushing Gordon off a jump to stay ahead. “LeMastus was putting Gordon in some very dangerous situations on the track and that’s just uncalled for,” Hynes told TCF. “Anytime a driver gets into a race car, it can be their last time in the car and the last thing we need are other drivers putting us in peril.”

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Once looped, the two drivers had a shouting match.

LeMastus then tapped the underside of Hynes’ helmet, prompting the helmeted driver to take a swing at his unhelmeted rival. Next, LeMastus picked up his steering wheel and threw it at Hynes, who picked up LeMastus’s helmet, looked like he might throw it, but proceeded to slam it on the ground.

Robby Gordon on fight consequences — Jenna Fryer (@JennaFryer) July 3, 2021

The whole thing was ridiculous, though series owner Robby Gordon didn’t seem ruffled by the altercation, saying he would like to buy Hynes dinner in a video tweeted out by Jenna Fryer.

The United States Auto Club was not as pleased, though, and Fryer reports that the body had considered parking LeMastus for the rest of the weekend following the altercation and other behavior during the event. Taking to Facebook on Sunday, LeMastus claims he and Hynes buried the hatchet, saying that any further action between them would take place on the track. Or, more specifically, behind the wheel… which he implied would still be attached to the vehicle and used for racing, not fighting.

When I left, USAC was posted behind LaMastus’ truck.

Not pleased.

Said LeMastus has been spoken to several times already this weekend, and parking him from @SSuperTrucks tomorrow is not out of the question.

— Jenna Fryer (@JennaFryer) July 3, 2021