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Transport Canada Revises ADS-B Advisory Circular

New Transport Canada Advisory Circular 700-009 Issue 03 removes all previous coverage of airworthiness and special authorization requirements for the installation and approval of ADS-B avionics and associated equipment. Instead, Issue 3 focuses on enhanced guidance material applicable to ADS-B operational and maintenance considerations. Airworthiness and installation considerations previously found in Issue 02 will appear in a forthcoming AC, although Transport Canada did not provide a timeline on when that would be published.

Additionally, appendices have been added in the new AC to assist operators in understanding various requirements for the safe operation of ADS-B-equipped aircraft. While the requirements needed to obtain special authorizations (SAs) have been removed, there has yet to be any indication of where SA information will be published. Meanwhile, the ADS-B mandate in Canada has been under an indefinite suspension since November 2019.

It was originally slated to begin in February 2021 but was placed on hold in response to stakeholder feedback.

According to Nav Canada, the postponement of the mandate will allow the ATC management organization to develop a regulatory framework with Transport Canada, as well as provide additional time for the equipment certification process associated with antenna diversity requirements.