Who is Yasemin Gündogan, 28, accused of stealing 8 million euros and being persecuted throughout Europe? – The Chamblee Post

The essentials Currently, a 28-year-old young woman is being sought throughout Europe. Previously responsible for packing banknotes, she is accused of stealing no less than eight million euros. This is an unusual profile that European investigative services have to deal with.

Since May 21, they have been looking for Yasemin Gundogan, 28, accused of having disappeared with 8 million euros in her luggage. Responsible for packing the banknotes in a cash transport company in Bremen, in the northwest of Germany, according to the German newspaper Bild, he would have used his functions to commit this theft. His job was to prepare the small denominations of the banknotes, put them in bank boxes destined for the money transporters and take them by a transporter to the ATMs of the bank branches.

This Friday, May 21, it is not in the boxes where he put the money but in bags. Then the young woman threw this luggage into a garbage container. Once temporarily hidden, all he had to do was search for them later and put them in the trunk of a Mercedes van rented in Berlin, whose license plates had been changed.

To escape, she pretended to be ill and was able to escape in the vehicle. The theft was only noticed after a few days, leaving time for the young German to flee for miles. Since then, it has not been traceable.

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– Polizei Bremen (@BremenPolizei) July 3, 2021 The German authorities, after weeks of ineffective roadblocks, are beefing up their investigative devices. On July 3, extensive calls for witnesses were launched with a photo of the young woman and the Mercedes truck.

His alert was also distributed to the 26 countries of the Schengen Information System (SIS), which makes it possible to identify wanted persons at European level and establish international cooperation.

The incomprehension of the relatives.

Yasemin Gundogan grew up in the popular Bremen neighborhood. His paternal grandparents still live in Neneli in Turkey and testify to their misunderstanding, according to Figaro who quotes the Turkish daily Hurriyet. Mehmet, 82, relates worried: “It is not his character, he does not look like him”, and his wife confirms his statements adding that financially “he was doing quite well” and had even “bought a house there.

Last year . “. For octogenarians, their granddaughter was surely “threatened” or “forced” by “the mafia” to commit this extraordinary robbery. Investigators believe that she has crossed the border and are looking, among other things, particularly at a hookah bar where the young woman worked until 2014.

According to statements collected by Bild, this place is controlled by a large criminal family and could have forced her to complete this project.

Le Figaro makes a rather funny point, the name of the bar “Ocean 27”, “reminiscent of Steven Soderbergh’s trilogy featuring incredible robberies.”