biden-harris: FAKE ALERT: Viral image of ‘Biden-Harris’ sticker on Talibani truck is doctored

A photo of a mini-truck carrying armed terrorists is being circulated with a claim that Talibani militia is driving a vehicle that bears a ‘Biden-Harris‘ sticker on its bumper.

Meanwhile in #Afganistan

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The ‘Biden-Harris’ flags, stickers, merchandise etc were used as a part of political campaign by Democrats in the run up to the 2020 US Presidential elections.

@thecjpearson @JoeBiden Did you see the Talibans new bumper stickers? ?

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The image is being used to insinuate two things broadly. Firstly, of all the vehicles and military equipment that the US left behind in Afghanistan before fleeing, trucks that bear ‘Biden-Harris’ stickers are also part of it. Secondly, Talibani terrorists are thankful to Biden-Harris for handing over Afghanistan to them after 20 years.
The image is a digitally-altered version of a 1996 photo which captured Talibani terrorists being ferried towards the frontline.
Using reverse-image search, we found a portion of the original image published in a report from Desert News dated Aug 21, 2010.
The image was taken on October 16, 1996 and captioned as ‘This combination picture shows Taliban militia soldiers in a pickup truck heading towards the frontline north of Surobi, Afghanistan, near Kabul, Oct.

16, 1996′.

The original photo is credited to the Associated Press (AP).
Taking a cue from this, we then traced the original image in its entirety on the official website of AP images, where credits are given to ‘AP Photo/John Moore, Farah Abdi Warsameh’.

The original image bears a ‘TOYOTA‘ sticker and not ‘Biden-Harris’.
Times Fact Check has found that the viral image of ‘Biden-Harris’ sticker on a Talibani pick-up truck is digitally-edited.