Man now recovering after being recued, trapped inside truck for 18 hours in Wagoner County

According to the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office, a man was rescued Sunday after a deputy found him hanging upside down in his truck for nearly 18 hours.

(C) Provided by KOKI Tulsa Man now recovering after being recued, trapped inside truck for 14 hours in Wagoner County.

“We were down here doing some patrols and we got this call,” said Wagoner County Deputy Bill Sieg.

Load Error Deputy Bill Sieg says he was called to the area of 171st and Highway 51B in Coweta. Using GPS, it put him in the area but the man they were looking for really could have been anywhere within a mile of the signal ping.

“Got the secondary ping from the intersection where we are parked,” said Sieg. Using his binoculars, Sieg saw something out of place. “When you see it back here it still doesn’t make sense why it is back here and why it is backed in,” Sieg explained.

But he hopped the fence and ran to the scene. “Because it matched the description and color, you have to look,” Sieg explained. Deputy Sieg said it had to have been a rough ride through the field. Tires show the car almost turning sideways before slamming a tree

“He was actually parked right here like this,” Sieg said. Sieg said the man was a bit incoherent, but still alert. “There was no indication at the roadway,” Sieg said.

But ultimately it was a good eye and good training that led them to where they needed to be, when someone needed it the most. “Trooper Dolley and I picked him out of the truck and laid him on the ground, so he was not upside down,” Sieg explained. “It was really positive with the family. Obviously, they were real concerned that is why they called us.

We are able to find the guy that needed us.”

Sieg says the man is still in the hospital but is expected to be okay.

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