Truck passes Tulsa police officer driving almost 40 mph over speed limit on Highway 75

(C) Provided by KTUL Tulsa

The Tulsa Police Department is warning Tulsans to slow down after one driver passed an officer going almost 40 mph over the speed limit. Police said a pickup truck heading to work on Friday passed an officer going 104 mph on Highway 75 near 46th Street. Officer said the truck was driving nearly 40 mph over the speed limit set at 65 mph.

Authorities consider this aggravated speeding. Investigators said just this week, Tulsa has had two separate deadly crashes where speed was a contributing factor. In the last few years, police said there’s been at least two fatal crashes at the exact same location on HWY 75.

“Aggravated speeding has no preset fine,” Tulsa police posted to Facebook. “When caught speeding this fast, you have to explain your actions in court before a judge.”

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