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Canada floods kill one person, leave two missing

Canada’s largest port, Vancouver, was cut off on Tuesday by major flooding and landslides, which have killed at least one person and left two more missing across British Colombia. Some areas in the province received over a month’s worth of rainfall days before. At least one person died when a mudslide swept cars off ahighwaynortheast of Vancouver.

Authorities in the town of Meritt ordered all 8,000 residents to evacuate on Monday and said on Tuesday some remained trapped in their homes. Resident Bailee Allen’s home was spared- others weren’t so lucky. “My aunt and uncle’s house is in the water, my cousin, who just finished having a baby in Kamloops two days ago, their house is totally flooded.

They have nowhere to go, to go back home. So, we’re just all waiting, right?” The torrential rain has shut down transport routes operated by Canada’s two biggest rail companies and effectively closed off the port of Vancouver.

That’s put a halt to the transportation of wheat during one of the busiest times of the year. A segment of a British Columbia natural gas pipeline was shut as a precaution, as well as the Trans Mountain pipeline carrying crude oil. South of the border in Washington state, heavy rains forced evacuations and cut off electricity for over 150,000 households on Monday.

The U.S.

National Weather Service has issued a flash flood warning for potential levee failure.