Covid, because Europe has become the epicenter of the fourth wave

ROME. Record of infections in Germany and the Czech Republic. Fourth wave: all over the world Covid slows down (-4%), in Europe it accelerates (+ 10%). < >. The alarm affects the entire EU. “The peak of infections in Europe derives from a mix of factors: differences between EU countries in anti-Covid measures and levels of vaccination, strong commercial exchange within the old continent and premature removal of anti-Covid precautions during the vaccination campaign- says to Professor Roberto Cauda, director of the complex operating unit of Infectious Diseases of the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome and scientific reviewer of the government’s Covid parameters. Continental European countries should have learned the British lesson.

And that is the need to tighten controls on the obligation to wear a mask and social distancing because their sudden removal in the United Kingdom has drastically made the infections rise again, sending the hospitals into trouble “.

Errors The number of deaths from Covid in the world has dropped by 4% in the last two weeks, except in Europe where it has increased by 10%. This is the alarm raised by the World Health Organization (WHO), which underlined that Europe is the only region in the world where both cases and deaths continue to grow steadily.

The countries with the highest number of new infections were the USA, Russia, the United Kingdom, Turkey and Germany; Of the 61 nations that fall within the European region, 42% experienced a spike in cases of at least 10% in the past week.

Covid, because Europe has become the epicenter of the fourth wave

Cooperation needed
“Germany records daily records of 53 thousand new cases and the Czech Republic is close to 23 thousand daily infections – observes the Ordinary of Infectious Diseases of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart -. Now the German authorities are moving towards the third dose for the over 18 but the number of unvaccinated is still too high. In Eastern Europe, then, less than half of the population completed the vaccination cycle and in some countries just one third of the inhabitants were immunized with two doses of the vaccine “.

This, Professor Cauda points out, “also explains why northeastern border regions such as Friuli Venezia Giulia are in trouble. In the EU, economic interaction and trade between the various member states is huge. And for example, a large part of Eastern European truck drivers enter Italy for work without being vaccinated.

Europe suffers from insufficient coordination in the health measures to contain Covid.

The pandemic knows no borders and unifying the prevention tools such as the Green pass becomes more appropriate every day >>.

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