Europe Truck Tire Market Top Key Players

Tires are tough, flexible rubber casings used in a variety of industries to provide solid support while driving a vehicle. Most car tires are pneumatic. Air puts pressure inside the tire.

Until recently, pneumatic tires had inner tubes to hold air pressure, but now pneumatic tires are designed to seal tightly with the wheel rims.
Tires can also be found in heavy trucks, buses, aircraft chassis, tractors and other agricultural equipment, industrial vehicles such as forklifts, baby strollers, shopping carts, wheelchairs, bicycles and motorcycles.

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As Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) attempt to resume production with large investments in the market, increasing demand for powerful vehicles with more payload and powerful suspension systems that can support their weight, stringent laws and regulations on carbon dioxide emissions as well as There is a growing demand for fuel fuel trucks as well. The European Authority for Vehicle Control and Safety has set new fuel economy standards for heavy-duty vehicle engines fueled by diesel, natural gas and other fuels. The trucking sector has recently experienced tremendous development as a result of industrial growth, which has led to a sharp increase in sales of commercial vehicles such as trucks, tractors and trailers.

EUROPE TRUCK TIRE MARKET SEGMENTATION The Europe Truck Tire Market can be segmented into following categories for further analysis. By Truck Application

o Light Duty Trucks
o Medium Duty trucks
o Heavy Duty Trucks
o Common Usage Trucks
o Military Trucks By Truck Haulage Type o Long Haulage Trucks
o Short Haulage Trucks
o Medium Haulage Trucks

By Type of Consumption o Materialised Cargo based Movement
o Vehicular Cargo Based Movement

The Internet of Technology has been integrated into the improvement system of trucks moving across Europe. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices, vehicles, and devices that can actively transmit data. For example, a network of sensors installed throughout the vehicle can monitor everything from tire pressure to load stability.

Autonomous or platoon cargo systems. Modern truck tires use a new material called Force. Provides a more cohesive compound, increasing tire mileage and resistance to wear, cuts, cracks and chips.

EUROPE TRUCK TIRE MARKET COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Several companies have developed and implemented video surveillance systems to provide drivers with additional viewing angles. These systems range from a simple rear or front view camera to a 360-degree bird’s-eye view that helps drivers understand their surroundings.

Continental, Volkswagen and Stonebridge have developed the concept of a digital rearview mirror with a display inside the truck cab. The company has launched the Conti Tread pre-cured tread made exclusively from Continental blends and profiles. As part of the Conti lifecycle approach, users can cover worn tires with new tread, which extends life and reduces overall tire costs.

o Bridgestone Tyres
o Goodyear Tyres
o Camapigene Michelin Tyres
o Pirelli Tyres
o Yokohama Tyres
o Cooper Tires
o Hankook Tires
o Trelleborg AB Tyres
o Viking Tyres Information:

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