VIDEO: A woman seems to resign herself after the theft of her truck and walks away as if nothing had happened

A woman seemed resigned after experiencing a harrowing moment when a man snatched her keys and took her SUV in the Mexican city of Naucalpan, State of Mexico. In the recording of security cameras broadcast on social networks, you can see how the woman parks her car in the middle of a public road, gets out of the vehicle and, after activating the alarm and making sure that the truck was properly closed, suddenly he starts to run altime a man walks toward her in a threatening way. “Help!

They’re robbing me!” The victim yells as she is chased by the suspect. Unfortunately no one comes to his claims and the assailant manages to take the keys to the vehicle. Finally, the criminal enters the car and flees the place without anyone being able to prevent it.

After the thief escaped, another car is seen passing by on the road, but surprisingly the woman does not try to ask him for help and she walks away, apparently resigned, as if nothing had happened.

After the recording of the robbery was released, the Twitter account of the Control, Command, Communication, Computing and Quality Center of the State of Mexico assured that I already had the report of the assault and that it was already being “served by the corresponding corporations.”

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