Truck TPMS sensor, universal tire pressure sensor

From July 2022the new European safety regulation comes into force ECE 2144/2019 (ECER141) for i commercial vehicles. All new approvals of commercial vehicles with vehicle category N1, N2, N3, O3, O4, M2 and M3 they must therefore be equipped with a TPMS tire pressure monitoring.

TPMS sensor for truck mandatory

Considering the obligation of the TPMS sensor also on trucks ALCAR launches the new 100% universally applicable sensor: ALCAR Sensor HD (Heavy Duty). What is already mandatory for passenger cars has also been mandatory for commercial vehicles since July 2022. Monitor the tire pressure thus excludes the danger of traveling with tires with the wrong pressure.

Tires with incorrect pressure have a increased abrasion which involves a significant reduction in their duration.

From July 2022 the TPMS sensor is also mandatory on trucks

The consequent increased rolling resistance increases fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Furthermore, insufficient pressure, in addition to damaging the tire, can lead to driving instability, increased wear and a increased braking distance.

ALCAR TPMS sensor for truck

The new ALCAR Sensor HD it’s a universal sensor aftermarket which can be freely programmed for each vehicle model. The TPMS for commercial vehicles, in addition to being programmable for all configurations, can be adapted to all rim sizes from 17.5 up to 24.5 inches.

Truck TPMS sensor, universal tire pressure sensorALCAR Sensor HD universal for trucks and commercial vehicles

The assembly is carried out directly on the circle using a band developed for extreme loads.

For sensor programming, ALCAR offers a software update of commercial vehicle data for the device ALCAR TECH600. This allows you to program or clone the vehicle’s OE sensor.

Truck TPMS sensor, universal tire pressure sensorALCAR TECH600 for updating the TPMS sensor software

Inside theALCAR Webshop you can check the availability of the product in real time and use the new one TPMS configurator.

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