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Canada Passes Legislation Urging Netflix, Spotify, Facebook to Finance Local Content

Bill C-11 will subject US streamers and other foreign tech giants to subsidize Canadian content like traditional broadcasters

Canada Passes Legislation Urging Netflix, Spotify, Facebook to Finance Local Content By Megan LaPierre

Published Jun 24, 2022

Canada's House of Commons has passed Bill C-11, which looks to raise approximately £800 million annually from US and other foreign streaming and social media platforms by subsidizing local Canadian music, film and TV content [via The Hollywood Reporter].

Also known as the Broadcasting Modernization Act, Bill C-11 now awaits passage through the Senate in Ottawa. If it becomes law, it will update the federal Broadcasting Act to add an "online company" category and regulate foreign media players that are active in the Canadian market -- including Netflix, Spotify, Facebook and more -- for the first time. The legislation will subject these tech giants to finance and market CanCon the way traditional broadcasters do, which could help Canadian creators get their content into the world market. 

Yesterday (June 23), Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) CEO and chair Ian Scott told the Senate committee that the legislation provides "new tools" for broadening the reach of Canadian stories, both at home and abroad. The Senate's Standing Committee on Transport and Communications has officially begun hearings on the final passage of Bill C-11 into law. In early 2020, an independent panel published a report advancing the idea that streaming services should invest in Canadian programming, but the sudden federal election in August 2021 terminated an earlier version of Bill C-11. 

In other streaming news, Netflix fired an additional 300 employees this week, coinciding with the streaming giant's announcement that it will be introducing an ad-supported, cheaper tier subscription option.