Do we really need a Hummer EV in Europe?

After several years of absence, it is with its Hummer EV that General Motors is considering returning to Europe. But does this model really have a place with us? After selling the Opel/Vauxhall brands, the General Motors group officially left Europe in 2017.

Barely 5 years later, GM seems to be considering its return to the European market thanks to its electric models, according to a report published by AutoNews on June 16. If the brand is thinking first of Cadillac, it is also considering the development of sales of the rest of its range, which would include its GMC Hummer EV. It must be said that Europe whets the appetites of the various manufacturers of electric vehicles.

It is one of the fastest growing markets, even though new vehicle sales have been falling for several consecutive months. The ban on the sale of thermal vehicles by 2035 will further accelerate the growth of this market and interest ever more manufacturers of electric cars.

Hummer EV: a vehicle of American excess

While Tesla has still not started production of its Cybertruck, the GMC Hummer EV is already a reality and the brand does not hesitate to taunt Elon Musk's firm. The Hummer EV is also available as a pickup, but also in a slightly more compact SUV version.

GMC Hummer EV 100% electric // Source: General Motors

The Hummer EV has kept the recipe that made it successful in the past: a model with a robust design and imposing dimensions.

In its pickup version, it is 5.50 m long, 2.20 m wide and more than 2 m high. Its SUV version is 50 cm shorter, which would almost make it a more standard model. For performance, the Hummer EVs are not to be outdone, since the pickup currently on the market has a power exceeding 1,000 hp, and the SUV version already offers 830 hp.

Other less powerful engines will gradually be rolled out by the brand.

GMC Hummer EV 100% electric // Source: General Motors

The model has been designed to offer comfort and a wide range of on-board technologies. The different versions of the Hummer EV position the model as a top-of-the-range vehicle. The prices of this model even exceed 100,000EUR following a recent announcement of the brand to increase its price by more than 6000EUR.

Problems for Europe

If vehicles of this size are legion on the roads of the North American continent, they are a little more problematic in our regions.

To give a few practical examples: none of these versions can enter the many car parks limited in height to 1.90 m. In addition, the standard for parking spaces in France is 2.20 m wide on the cob or 2.30 m for parking spaces in battle, i.e. overall the width of this vehicle without being able to open the doors. The roads and streets of our cities, which we already find narrow, will not get bigger with these vehicles, it will make driving even more complex.

Finally, the weight. The Hummer EV pickup in its Edition 1 launch version weighs just over 4,100 kilos. You therefore need a truck license to be able to drive it, since it exceeds the 3.5 tonnes authorized by the B license.

A Hummer EV is equivalent to the weight of 2 electric cars, two Tesla Model S for example.

A whim far from all ecological considerations

Electric cars could be the turning point towards more energy sobriety. By opting for efficient, more compact and lighter models, we could obtain vehicles that would have a real dimension of change, for those who cannot do without a personal car.

Except that, for the moment, the trend is pushing towards increasingly large electric vehicles (like the fashion for SUVs), not always suitable for 90% of daily trips. Faced with the urgency of climate change, we seem to be completely missing out on sensible solutions.

Do we really need a Hummer EV in Europe?

F-150 vs Cybertruck // Source: Twitter @elonmusk

The Hummer EV is not the only large vehicle to want to invite itself in Europe.

Many Tesla fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Cybertruck and its 5.88 m length.

However, few customers need vehicles with these dimensions.

If these models are suitable for the USA, they are an aberration when they land on European roads.

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