Time Manufacturing Company Completes Acquisition of France Elévateur

WACO, Texas, June 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Time Manufacturing Company ("Time") has completed its acquisition of France Elevateur ("FE Group"), a leading European manufacturer of aerial work platforms. Time is a global manufacturer of aerial lifts primarily for the electric utility, telecommunications, infrastructure, and forestry sectors. Time currently goes to market with the Versalift, BrandFX, Aspen Aerials, Ruthmann, Steiger, Ecoline & Bluelift brands.

France Elevateur, founded in 1984, is a European manufacturer of Aerial Work Platforms (AWP) located in Flavigny-sur-Moselle, France. Now known as the FE group, the company is composed of France Elevateur, FE Benelux, FE Deutschland, and Movex, with regional sales and service organizations that together serve surrounding national markets.  Movex began upfitting work trucks in 1980 and was wholly acquired by France Elevateur in 2021.

The company has production facilities near Barcelona and exports to more than 20 countries.  As a well-known Spanish aerial lift brand, Movex provides a bridge of entry into the Spanish market for both Time Manufacturing Company and FE Group products and services. Curt Howell, CEO of Time Manufacturing Company commented, "The France Elevateur acquisition represents a meaningful step forward in our global growth plan by adding more than 450 experienced professionals, a world-class regional product line, and over a dozen facilities across France, Belgium and Spain. Leveraging our existing reach in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Switzerland, The FE Group improves our reach in the important national markets of Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Eastern France and Spain."

Charles Goffin, CEO at France Elevateur added, "Time Manufacturing Company is definitely the best possible partner for France Elevateur. Both companies have long histories and strong reputations for excellence in research and engineering in the aerial work platform industry, and they are complementary in both geography and markets. The entire FE Group team supports this transaction.

Our current customers will immediately benefit by having more options for higher-access lifts, and Time Manufacturing Company customers will benefit from our extensive service footprint." Kim Bach Jensen, President of Time Manufacturing Europe commented, "We are happy to welcome France Elevateur and Movex into the Time Manufacturing Company group of brands. We believe that our companies share a philosophy focused on customer service, and enjoy a compatible product offering.  Leveraging our collective knowledge, skilled staff, and worldwide distribution will strengthen us in the future.

We are aligned in supporting our shared customers and their need for excellent solutions." The acquisition of France Elevateur is a significant step forward for Time Manufacturing Company in developing a robust sales and service network that supports the specialized access needs of telecommunications, electric utility and other essential end customers around the world. Time has international operations across the European continent, and North and South America, which each represent remarkable opportunities to expand and promote France Elevateur brands to a broader global audience.

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Time Manufacturing Company is a global manufacturer of vehicle mounted aerial lifts, including bucket trucks, digger derricks, cable placers, truck bodies, buckets, and other specialty equipment for electric utility, telecommunications, bridge inspection, tree care and other fleet-supported industries. Through Versalift, BrandFX, Aspen Aerials, Ruthmann, Steiger, Ecoline, Bluelift, Movex and France Elevateur brands, the company provides equipment to co-ops, municipalities, government agencies and corporations through its global network of facilities and distributors. Time Manufacturing Company now employs more than 2,600 associates worldwide.

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