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Volvo Trucks Fuel Cell Power Replaces BEV

A climate smart solution for heavy transport
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Electrification of commercial vehicles plays an important role on the journey towards a carbon neutral society. Using hydrogen fuel cells to power the electric driveline will be a…

DEWA Launches EV Green Charger User Dashboard

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has launched the EV Green Charger User Dashboard to help customers better manage their EV Green Charger services.
The dashboard enables customers to easily track their charging and consumption data through D…

Fuso Canter begins new model production

A new campaign warning HGV drivers they stand to lose their licence following a bridge strike has been launched, as more newly qualified truckers are expected to take to the roads.
Network Rail said that despite fewer trains and passengers on the rails…

Toyota Plans for an EV Future, at Least in Europe

Toyota reveals plans to move to zero-emission vehicle sales in Western Europe by 2035, mirroring EU climate agenda.
The automaker has been criticized for not introducing battery-electric models sooner, and only doing so when forced by impending legisl…

Green APU debuts own diesel oil

Green APU is pleased to announce the release of its own branded line of 10W-30 HD diesel engine oil. Far superior to traditional 15W-40 oil, Green APU says its product is specifically designed to be used in their auxiliary power units (APUs).
Tested in…