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UK rail freight company on track to powered by 100% renewable energy

A rail freight[1] company in the UK has announced all its sites and offices will be powered by 100% renewable[2] electricity. DB Cargo UK has signed a three-year agreement with SSE Business Energy, which will supply its sites with green power – estimated to help reduce 5,000 tonnes of carbon emissions a year. That’s equivalent to powering almost 4,000 homes with green electricity or taking 17 million miles driven by a car off the road.

Roger Neary, Head of Sales at DB Cargo UK said: “Our customers have long understood the environmental benefits of moving their goods via rail rather than road, however, our customers are increasingly more environmentally aware with ‘green issues’ becoming prominent on their daily agendas.

“This initiative not only demonstrates DB Cargo’s understanding of our customers’ requirements but also supports DB Cargo’s vision for global sustainability[3].”


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Cargo Professionals

The man who first faced with the problem of transportation of any cargo from point A to point B, may at first seem like enough to choose the most inexpensive transportation and pay for shipping. In fact, Logistics – a task that can not stand superficial approach. What information about the traffic you need to know, first confronted with this problem in order to transport a problem for you was not?

Decide whether the company, which arranges transportation of goods? If the timing of delivery, transport rates and cargo integrity depends on many things, then you need to call the shipping company. Visit IDT Energy[1] for more clarity on the issue.

Employees of such companies know all about what needed documents for transporting goods across the border, well aware of issues of customs clearance of goods, they know exactly what mode of transport suitable for carriage in such a place of such a cargo, and how much it will cost customer. In addition, the services of transportation companies necessarily includes the protection of goods (by customer request), informing the client about where the goods are located at any stage of transportation, shipment or storage. Read additional details here: Genie Energy[2].

If you intend to use the services of the transport company, do not forget that you have the entire load was required documents, to set a date on which your goods must be delivered to the place. What, then, are transportation? – Long-distance and international shipping. International most time-consuming and are associated with the inspection of cargo at customs and the customs formalities.

The choice of transport on which cargo is transported through customs, it is very important and affects the delivery time. – Multimodal and intermodal transportation. Intermodal is a type of transportation of goods by one or more modes of transport. But transshipment not performed.

Multimodal transport offers the possibility of trans-shipment. For example, the load being taken by rail, and then reloaded into the car for the future of transportation. The most common forms of transport for transport: Railway transportation is convenient for delivery of large amounts of cargo, oversized and heavy equipment at distances of over 400 km.

Important plus Railway Transport[3] – Reliable in any weather. With the help of the train is not desirable expensive to transport the finished product. Trucking – the most convenient form of transportation.

The advantages are its portability, versatility and the ability to deliver ‘up to the customer’s door. ” Ocean freight – this type of traffic, featuring a very low cost. Most often, the marine mode of transport used in international transport. Just a few types of services transportation companies: – delivery of partial loads – this kind of transportation, which greatly reduces the cost of transportation of the entire party.

He concludes that the company takes orders the carrier to transport freight from various customers, keeps them in their warehouse, consolidates them according to destination, and carries a single party. – Cargo insurance can save you from serious financial loss in case of damage or theft of cargo.

Transporting companies often have cooperated with the insurance companies that will save you from having to find a reliable insurer. – Protection and maintenance of cargo forwarding is useful to you if you carry valuable cargo or route your cargo will pass through areas where there is a danger of theft of cargo.


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Truck driver who drove over man three times before driving away laughing is jailed for three years

A truck driver who drove over a man three times before driving away laughing has been jailed for three years. The victim was left with “horrific” injuries and had to be airlifted to hospital after the deliberate attack by Billy Lloyd, 28. Lloyd, who knew the man, turned his truck around and followed him when he saw him driving in the opposite direction.

When the victim pulled over to talk, the truck driver deliberately drove over him. Kent Police revealed it happened on June 28, 2016, in Herne Bay. As the victim passed Lloyd, he saw him gesturing angrily before he was followed.

The terrifying attack happened in Margate Road, Herne Bay

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He stopped in a layby, where the truck was driven directly at him, hitting him and pinning him between two vehicles.

To make matters worse, Lloyd then reversed a few feet before crushing the victim again. As the truck reversed a second time, the victim fell to the floor and tried to crawl under his car for safety, but Lloyd drove his truck forward over the victim’s legs. Lloyd was seen reversing his truck again, but this time hit the victim’s car.

As Lloyd drove away the victim reported he could hear him laughing. The man was left with serious leg injuries and had to be airlifted to hospital where he needed extensive surgery and treatment to repair the damage.

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Lloyd denied intending to cause grievous bodily harm at a trial in May, but a jury took less than two hours to decide he was lying and returned with a unanimous verdict of guilty. He was jailed for 15 years at Canterbury Crown Court on Thursday, and must also serve an additional four years on licence when he is released.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Steve Day said: “There is no acceptable reason for Lloyd’s actions and the subsequent awful injuries he caused to the victim that day, and what is most horrifying about the behaviour is that there was no doubt he intended to cause serious harm.

“I thank the victim for his courage in supporting this case while overcoming such an ordeal which would leave most people terrified.

“The chilling actions of Lloyd that day have been recognised by the court as so severe that he is now facing a long time in prison.”

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